Industry Overview

  South Florida’s Fashion Industry is in need of a business platform that balances recreation with a platform for small business sales and economic growth. A multi-industry targeted business event strategically placed during the beginning of fall season up north, coupled with long holiday weekend [October| Columbus Day] is positioned to drive national industry professionals to South Florida in a work/play package.  Hosting picturesque city                [ Hollywood] located in Broward , taps into target rich environment[s] such as West Palm, Boca, Plantation & Weston communities interested in an authentic cultural experience without the drive hassle, and fan fair of Miami. Our tag line is: “Welcome to Style with Substance”  

What Makes Us Effective?

  The triple focused lens of fashion, food and film takes a 360 look at the key influencers of what we see, hear, touch, taste & feel. – Full sensory engagement. All of which combine to form a highly unique and innovative cultural experience that can easily be built into a signature annual event driving foot traffic to local boutiques, restaurants, hotels , theaters and museums.  By default, this multi- tiered event will draw new creative businesses in Fashion, Food and Film to Hollywood which will positively affect the real estate market.      

Venue Partners

If you share the interest in promoting foot traffic and driving revenue to Hollywood, sponsor an official event!


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