Fashion , Food & Film Showcase


Why Do You Want to Showcase with Us?

  – Full Sensory Engagement.  

   The triple focused lens of fashion, food and film takes a 360 look at the key influencers of what we see, hear, touch, taste & feel. – Full sensory engagement. All of which combine to form a highly unique and innovative cultural experience that can easily be built into a signature annual event driving foot traffic to local boutiques, restaurants, hotels , theaters and museums.  By default, this multi- tiered event will draw new creative businesses in Fashion, Food and Film to re locate to Hollywood which will positively affect the real estate market.   

Why Makers?

  Makers and their artisan skills are central to building authentic industry and community. It is the warmth and character of small shops quietly toiling away at bespoke pieces. Using techniques that are time honored and passed down through generations. This simply cannot be mass produced or rushed.   

Who Should Apply?

 Fashion Designers/Artisan Studios : currently seeking original work 3 to 5 look capsule collection required.  Please note: all designers will be required to complete in house fashion business training to ensure merchandising/presentation standards

Culinary Artists  

existing restaurants or pop up concepts, we wan to hear from you!


Do you have a new film, photography or photoplay project ? We want to help you launch!

How to Apply?

  We are currently viewing talent to be showcased during our 2018 Season. Beginning with our 2017 Launch. Priority is given to makers and local producers of fashion, food and film ready to preview in 2017. Your studio, shop or offices should be located in or around Hollywood. Applicants showing Hollywood spirit and located within a reasonable proximity will be considered on an individual basis. 

To Apply Email: Include link to your website, and post popular social media platform.